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Four gray langur monkeys on colorful rooftops in Mumbai, India, 2019 by Amy Lewis, my daughter.

Heaven labored earth

into light lightest,

then came the worlds, the words,

which we remember imprecisely,

save one: move.

The reason was clear: You Cannot Stay.

Strong words scrolled by fireflies

like by the swords of archangels.

Maybe we misheard, misread,

but we left lighter than we had come.

We are leaving still in droves

to the beat of much distraction 

over a stunning expanse of expanse

toward the drama of the horizon.

      - d. lea lewis, July 2019

  • It's never too late to resurrect within you the pilgrim, traveler, gypsy, nomad who may need dusted off and prodded to start heading out to the horizon or just to the next city, in real life or in your heart. I'm actively preparing for a full-time life on the road, and I’d love to meet you. If you want to share your story, I'm a good ear. 
  • It's never too late to wake up and intentionally make an exciting, giving, honest, and authentic life, even if during the week you still work forty hours (like me) seemingly doing the opposite. 
  • It's never too late to live in nature (even in the city), to stand up and walk and walk and walk and baptise yourself in geological time, the night sky, and a language that at first might seem difficult or ridiculous or downright infuriating but is really only a tool to pick up and wield when necessary, like a Kleenex - pull, use, toss, pull another as needed. It's that easy.

What a fun image of Langur monkeys traveling over apartment roofs in Mumbai, and snapped by daughter Amy Lewis on a recent trip preparing for the 2020 Wild11 conference.

Where in the World and When


I'll post on the monthly explorations I make, in every season and weather imaginable. My travel is presently limited due to lack of time and an elderly feline companion who gets car sick. That has been a blessing in disguise as I'm forced to explore locally in northern Colorado. Not a bad place to be "stuck." My appreciation is enhanced by learning of the generosity of my neighbors here and the vast consecutive acres of natural corridors that they have recently created for native flora and fauna. 

Why in the World


Some dumb television commercial everyone has forgotten said something smart way back in the 1960s: When your life flashes before your eyes, make sure you've got plenty to watch. 

I did not invest time and energy nor sacrifice my own desires the last fifty years to slink away quietly in my sixth decade, relegated to curating stuff, dusting stuff, and staying within the lines society expects of its aging population. Nope, that's not how this Baby Boomer rolls. 

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